Project Management


For the busy and time poor, it can be challenging managing a small project on top of normal work loads. Often planning is overlooked, which in turn leads to missed steps, delays and cost over runs. Sorting small project issues can take focus away from the core business, reducing income or causing delays completing customer work.

Recognizing the difference between projects and operational work helps to allocate the appropriate planning and resources need to complete project work. 

One option to manage small projects is to outsource the job. Mode Business Services provide a project management service ideal for those small jobs that need doing.

Robert has experience in running labour only building projects, office renovation, data cabling upgrades, job management systems, telephone and computer upgrades. 

Robert has worked as an onsite project manager for SNUP ICT School data network upgrades. He managed large and small school projects, the largest being Nayland College in Nelson. The installation included, Fibre optic cabling networked between buildings,1100 new Cat6 data outlets, 800 new power outlets, 23 large data cabinets and 70 new high speed switches were installed. The job was completed within budget and within the 3 month time frame.

The largest project worked on was the Ultrafast Fibre Build in Wanganui as onsite manager. The project involved up to 75 contractors and staff. The project was completed ontime and within budget.

If you have a project in need of supervision call to discuss.


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